Breaking Ground!

We had many goals this year, some of which included a homemade backyard spaceship and the amatuer production of  “Dinner at Tiffany’s” but much to our dismay, actual funding for these kinds of projects were scarce.

However, thanks to the support of our wonderful friends at Ashoka Youth Ventures, we were able to procure a seed grant for our most important project, The Highline Food Bank Garden.

At precisely 11:10am some February 23, 2012 our friends from Sustainable Burien, John Feeley and Wayne Sykes, came down with to do some work on our humble little garden site right here on the Highline Food Bank’s property. After much consultation, negotiating with Highline Food Bank Manager, Mike Werle, we were granted permission for this project.

After marking off our area, we began to rev up the the rototiller John brought. It took a couple tries but after our unlucky break we were finally able to get the toy running.

This isn’t the end of our journey.We will hopefully be out a couple more times this week to finish the task at hand but we wanted to let you guys know that things are well on their way!

We are so stoked to finally break ground! Luckily we had an awesome photographer, Nikole, to document this momentous occasion.

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