Project Updates from John!

Hi All,

Here is a little update on the Highline Food Bank Garden.  I borrowed a Troy-bilt rototiller from my brother-in -law to do some tilling on some of my projects.  There was some misunderstanding as the tiller was not working correctly.  Wayne Sykes came over and we checked it out and got it started and tilling some what.  We took it down to the garden and worked up a section until a part finally gave out.  A new part is now installed and a new belt.  This afternoon my neighbor is going to help me weld the drive control handle back on.  I was lead to believe that you borrow working equipment, break it, return it and then ask when will it be fixed.  I just got it backwards.  Nancy and I went out to Redmond to pick up some composted manure for the garden.  Here is the craigslist ad if anyone is interested:

The City of Redmond’s Farrel McWhirter Farm has a state-of-the-art aerated composting system that composts waste from the farm’s horses, cow, goats, sheep, chickens, rabbits, and other animals. The system installed at the farm in 2006 is a four-bin aerated compost system. Bedding and waste from animal pens is placed in the bins along with water and forced air to “cook” the manure and bedding at 150+ degrees, killing weed seeds, pathogens and bacteria, and creating very nutritious garden compost. You can pick up Moo Doo at Farrel McWhirter Farm Park. Both small and large quantities are available. For large quantities a tractor is available to load. For more information and to SCHEDULE a time please call 425-556-2309.

They donated the compost for the garden.  I met Steve Duong at his school on Wednesday and he helped me unload the compost on a tarp north of the garden.  I hope to retill the garden plots on Monday or Tuesday afternoon, place card over the garden site to kill the grass and then wheel the compost on top of the cardboard.  The food bank usually has a dumpster full of card board by Wednesday morning.  We are welcome to take what we need.  We may plant in the compost or till it all under in a couple of weeks.  There are things we can plant now: lettuce, spinach, chard, potatoes and peas to name a few.  We are planning on putting some bins on the south side of a large container to plant tomatoes in.  What the bins are made of, is still undecided but tomatoes won’t go out until June anyway.  There is still a lot of room for additional gardens and ideas.  Wayne has a fig tree that we may plant at the garden.  They can get pretty big.

Steve has started some seeds inside.  We would like to get some things growing, so he will have some good pictures to show in April when he presents his Senior Project.  That’s all for now.


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