Quick, grab a shovel before the sun goes away!

The sun might not have been as committed as we were to come out yesterday but  luckily with the help of all of our friends from Sustainable Burien we had a successful work party and got a lot of much needed things done! In addition to our friends from Sustainable Burien coming out to help us again we had the assistance of Anna, a high school freshman from Highline Big Picture!

Today we had our eyes set out on settling the topography of the tilled area we prepared last week so we wouldn’t get such a prominent dip in our garden bed. To do this we had to carve deeply into the bed, “double digging” as they call it. At the northern front of our bed, we worked alongside the border about a foot deep and moved outward until the soil in the whole garden was broken up and made easier to mold. Following that, we had the whole area raked and smoothed out to the point that that the bed was visibly flat.

After that, we neatly layered cardboard over the entire area to mulch with fresh compost that we got from our friends at the Farrel McWhirter Farm Park in Redmond (which you can read about more here!). To continue on this project we will be bringing in new mulch Thursday to complete the mulching process for the lower end garden bed (which is already on a relatively flat piece of land)

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Thank you John, Wayne, Bill, and Anna for your commitment to the project, your hard work and for coming out and helping us with the garden! We had so much fun and we can’t wait until you come out and work with us again!


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