Rain or shine, it’s gardening time!

Today, we had 4 charming young ladies help us with some very much needed garden goals!

Kat, Anna, Rozzland, and Caitlin were very willing to get their hands dirty in the garden today! We spent the early half of this week procuring materials from various sources. We purchased 2 sq. yards of Top Soil from Burien Bark, and our local arborist dumped about equal parts in wood chips. Suffice to say, there was a lot of hauling of these materials today!

With more helpers than we could possibly handle, we organized a list of tasks for our helpers which included: Hauling top soil to dress beds, Layer cardboard around both beds, Mulch cardboard, Carve out new trail and fill trench.

Our morning was consumed by the first two tasks and by the time we took  off for lunch we had only to mulch the new cardboard and to carve out the new trail (which we also mulched with cardboard and chips)

Luckily, after lunch (which included super hot Lavender Chamomile tea with extra helpings of honey, for which Anna shares with the group), our friend Rozzie’s inner DJ came out and we were able to listen to great tracks while working on the last few tasks before we closed up shop.

Our playlist included: Tony Orlando, Blondie, Ellie Goulding, and Ray Charles. We had such a blast, which, if you’re listening to Blondie, is quite unavoidable!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

As much as I am happy with the work we did today, I must pay my condolenses to our Nevada bed which now looks a bit more like a jelly bean.


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