Sunshine never felt so good!

Howdy folks, sorry for the long hiatus!

We’ve been working hard on the garden this past month and we would like to point out first and foremost our Garden Middle School Elective has gone smoothly! As much of you may know already the main goal of the garden isn’t just to supply the local Food Bank with healthy fresh vegetables but also to educate and engage the young folks at the Highline Big Picture Middle School.

We have executed four classes so far and have covered two topics concerning: Plant Anatomy and Nutritional Health!
There is so much to teach and so much to learn, we will be uploading a few of the class materials soon.

In addition to our wonderful class, we have worked on the garden to put in a tomato planter. We found these neat cement bricks and stacked them over the Spring Break to build this wall. We will be able to fill these planter boxes with tomato starts and hopefully basil! (the students have planted a great number of basil seeds and they are already poking out of their little pods!)

(Oh! And here’s the rundown of the kind of things we have planted during this elective season: Mustard, Cilantro, Swiss Chard, Spinach, and Chives!)

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